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While we make every effort to ensure you have a memorable experience, unexpected events can affect even the most carefully planned trip. We recommend you purchase our exclusive Travel Protection Plan which protects your financial investment, your belongings and most importantly you! Travel with this important protection so you can enjoy your Student Travel experience to its fullest!...More

The Travel Protection Plan has a package of benefits including Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Travel Delay, Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance, Baggage, Baggage Delay and more.

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Travel Insurance Basics

Travel insurance plans include benefits intended to protect you, your travel investment and your belongings. The basic benefits include:

Trip Cancellation/ Interruption to reimburse you should you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered medical or non-medical reason.

Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance to cover medical expenses and emergency transportation for a sickness or injury that occurs while you are traveling.

Travel Delay Benefits to cover your out-of-pocket meal and accommodation expenses due to flight delays or cancellations or for other similar covered reasons. You must be delayed for a specified amount of time, such as 8 hours or more.

Baggage and Baggage Delay to cover loss or damage to your baggage or personal items or the cost of buying toiletries or personal articles if your baggage is delayed for a specified amount of time.

Trip Cancellation

This benefit covers the non-refundable trip costs when you must cancel your travel plans.

All plans cover cancellation for covered medical reasons (such as Sickness, Injury or death of you, a Family Member or Traveling Companion).

Additionally, certain non-medical reasons will be covered as well, such as: air carrier delays or cancellations, theft of travel documents, damage or destruction of your home, etc.

Trip Interruption

This benefit covers the cost of your unused, non-refundable land or water travel arrangements and the additional air expense to either resume your trip or return home, if you interrupt your travel plans and/or return home early from your trip for the same types of medical or non-medical reasons covered for Trip Cancellation.

Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance

This benefit reimburses you for medical treatment during your trip if you become sick or are injured while traveling. Additionally, air transport expenses (such as upgraded air arrangements, air ambulance, including doctor or nurse escort expenses) for medical evacuation are covered, if needed to obtain the appropriate level of care required for your condition.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation

This benefit covers you for transportation expenses to the nearest place of safety if a formal recommendation from appropriate local authorities or the US State Department is issued to leave a country due to: 1) a natural disaster such as an earthquake, wild fires or tsunami; 2) civil, military or political unrest; or 3) being expelled or declared a persona non-grata.

When To Buy Travel Insurance

For a variety of reasons, it is prudent to purchase travel insurance when you first book your trip (i.e. make your first payment for travel arrangements).

Why? Most travel insurance policies contain one or more time sensitive provisions that broaden coverage.

Travel Supplier Bankruptcy or Default

What if your airline or travel supplier ceases operations? Other airlines or travel suppliers will try to find space for you but usually at a cost, what happens if they can't meet your needs? We have plans to cover a trip cancellation or interruption due to supplier Bankruptcy or default.

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